Monday, January 2, 2012

Kitchen Set

Ok, so I haven't been changing much in my closet very fast because I don't want to just make ANYTHING, I want to alter it into clothes that I will actually wear, and so I continue to look for inspiration and that can take some time.

However, I don't want to leave you hanging so I thought I would give you some inspiration with this kitchen set that I made for Link, for his birthday, out of an old entertainment center :)

I only spent $50 dollars TOTAL, including the cost of the entertainment center itself. Some of what I got was from Habitat for Humanity, including:

Tiles (which I painted to add some character), and 
The silver faucet

  • I started with painting the tv stand an avocado color (can you tell I am obsessed with this color?hmmm)
  • I antiqued it because I am also obsessed with that technique and I wanted to make this a "shabby chic" kitchen
  • Then I glued each tile down on the "counter", and drilled a hole for the faucet to fit in and sealed that down as well. 
  • I bought that glass bowl from Walmart for 4 dollars and used it as the "sink". 
  • Then I spray painted the "stove" and "oven" with just a silver spray paint. 
  • The stove top is made of wood blocks that I got from hobby lobby which I also spray painted silver and painted to look like the actual stove tops. 
  • The blue knobs I also got from Hobby Lobby in their door knob section, and I just drew "low, medium and high" on them to make them look like temperature knobs for the stove top.
  • The last thing I did was to add the wood to the back part of the "kitchen counter and sink". This wood is actually from wood crates, and I just sawed off the pieces that I wanted and hammered them to the back part so that it look like a solid wall behind the sink and added to the "shabby chic" feel of the kitchen. 
You could really do ANYTHING to a kitchen that you make, but you should know Link has LOVED playing with it and may just become of chef because of it :) Who knows, maybe you could come up with something even more awesome!

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