What This Blog is About

Here is an overview of this blog:

Basically, I love to thrift. Mostly it started because it was cheap, but then I realized how amazing the vintage items were and how similar they were to stores like modcloth and Anthropologie, without the high cost and with more personality (because let's face it, these clothes have stories!).

Even after recognizing all their potential, I still noticed some would be even more fun with a couple of alterations. And this is where this blog comes in. I want to be able to share my alterations others. Finding ways to be thrifty together, and giving ideas to you crafty ladies about what can be done with simple clothes found at your local thrift store or vintage shop {if you live in Oklahoma, if definitely want to check out Elusive. SO cute and SOO cheap!}.

It all sounds great, right? So here's the problem, or would be if I cared too much:

1. I have a super crappy camera, one that I have to tape shut. So don't be expecting amazing pictures because, well, let's face it, unless this blog blows up with followers, i'm not going to be getting a nicer camera. And honestly, I may be exaggerating slightly {not about the tape}, and my photography skills more than make up for...or at least my ego tells me it does.


2. If you followed my previous blog, you will notice that the majority of my outfit pics are taken from my backyard. YES, I know that it is not always the best backdrop and, NO, there is not much that can be done about it. My sweet, kind, and usually selfless husband has a limit. Not only has he informed me that he should be paid with all the time he puts into taking pictures, but convincing him to put in more time with traveling to somewhere awesome, with an amazing backdrop is really pushing it.

But don't fret, I also have a really great bestie out here who I might be able to convince occasionally to take pics if I can pay her in Sonic diet cokes.

So there is the low-down. Stick with me and we will be thrifty partners with amazing clothes and your alteration skills will grow significantly...all as long as you can handle bad pictures!