Saturday, June 30, 2012

Road trip success

I have been planning our trip to Utah for some time now, and knowing that we were going to drive has lead me to think creatively about how to keep my 2-year-old entertained. After some thinking, I have come up with a face magnet pan :)

This is just an example of the faces that Link makes:

I started out with just a plain old pan that I had. It has to be metal, though, not aluminum. Then I spray painted it a soft blue. 

I found some face shape clipart on the internet and mod podged them onto the pan after the paint had dried

I then found some facial features on the internet, and sized them so that they would fit on the face shapes. I just did this in Word, and then printed them out. 

I colored a couple of them, just the lips and eyes mostly, and then gave them all flesh colored skin.

After they were all printed, colored, and cut, I added them to an adhesive magnet sheet. I got mine at Hobby Lobby for just 4.99 (with the 40% coupon). After I stuck them to the adhesive side, I cut them all out. 

Then I just stuck them all to the bottom of the pan for safe keeping during the trip, and he can pull up any of the features that he would like to add to his faces :)

So many options! And hopefully it will keep him entertained :) Not to mention, all of this was free, except for the 4.99 magnetic sheet. Can't wait to give it to him on our road trip!

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