Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Comfy Skinnies Tutorial

This was a question from a wonderful reader of my other blog, and I thought this would be the best place to answer it because I have a feeling she is not the only one with this question :) 

"I was wondering if I could get your help. I am in a RUT. I found you through a Mormon Fashion Bloggers I assume you are Mormon? I try to dress modestly around the house....but it is tough to have casual clothes that are knee length. Do you have any suggestions on this?"

I actually have a really great idea for this {ok, the idea came from J.Crew, but I will take the credit of being inspired by it}


How great are these sweatpants? Totally comfy and you can wear them lounging {and look hot}, or out on the town with some heels {and look hot}. Win win, and all around comfy. 

So here is the tutorial of how to make them:

1. Grab some sweat pants. I didn't have any that would work, so I got some at Walmart on sale. I put the sticker picture so you could see exactly what I got in case you want to go that route. 

2. Lay them out flat...

Once you finally get them flat with the inside seam perfectly lined up {the outside seam won't line up because they allow extra fabric on the back of the leg for your buttocks region}, it's time for step 3. 

3.  This is the uber easy way to do it, but it does require you to have a pair of great skinnies that you love, and that fit well. You just overlay the skinnies over the sweat pants. I had a line down the front of my sweats so I had to line mine up perfectly so the line is down the middle when they are finished. 

4. Pin along the outside of your skinnies.

Now take the skinnies off and sew along the pin line. 

5. After you have done that for both of the inside of the legs and outside, cut off the excess fabric.

Voila! Try on your new comfy and awesome pants!

Here's how mine turned out. Basically I have to say that I love them because I get to wear sweatpants, but look sexy all at the same time :) 

Now if only my legs were as skinny as the model's in the J.Crew picture...sigh...ah well, as my mama always said, "you go great birthin hips!" I will just learn to take pride in that :)


  1. These are way cute! Great idea and great tutorial. Thanks for sharing,

  2. p.s. Those green heels are soooo awesome. Fantastic color choice!

  3. Thank you!! They are so comfy, I hope everyone makes a pair because they are bliss :)