Sunday, August 14, 2011

Grandma Skirt Alteration

The grandma skirt, basically anything that is floral and calf length. The best part about them? They can be found and practically ANY thrift store at ANY given time. If you are looking for a great skirt, grab one that fits and let's make it work.

Here are my inspiration pics from skirts found at



And here is what I was able to do with my grandma skirt:

This is so easy to do! Unfortunately I do not have a before picture because this was before I thought of this wonderful blog. However, you can pretty much just picture it about 4 inches longer.

This is the easiest alteration you can make. You just take up the skirt a couple of inches so that it is just above you knee {or wherever you want it}.

Now you have a fashionable comfy outfit so a hot summer day. The skirt is long enough that you don't have to worry about it all day, and you can put it over any ole tee. Then just do a classic 60's ponytail and you look like you are just naturally fashionable, which you are.

The easiest way to hem this up is to hand sew a hidden stitch. If this reference just blew your mind, here is a video to show you how to do it! She is really easy to understand, especially for you beginners. Learn something new today.


  1. Yes, I love Anthropologie but not the price! And I love finding something similar for so much cheaper! Skirts are 4.25 at my Goodwill (SC). How much are yours usually?

  2. Thanks for the welcome back!! Our skirts are about the same, only I am so cheap I usually stil only get them when they are half off! Lol